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Stephen Carl(non-registered)
Hi Stu! I saw a photo on Facebook that turned out to be yours. I wasn't sure it was you, so I texted Brian and he confirmed. You have some amazing photos that show incredible knowledge and skill in digital processing. Hope you're well.
Bill S Petrunich(non-registered)
Just look at the prior 10 or so comments and sum them up... That would be my feeling too; just super, super images. Only thing I might add is you ought to think about doing this full time.
Richard Field Levine(non-registered)
You Really Rock It !!!! and have fun with it.......... and thats what Life is all about ....... keep on Smiling ........ your images make me ......... ; }
Richard Field Levine(non-registered)
Richard Field Levine

Awesome !!!!!
Michelle Solotar(non-registered)
Stunningly beautiful work, Stuart. So glad you are capitalizing on this talent. It's what you were meant to do.
Heather Kritzer(non-registered)
Hi Stu,

Love your work, the black and whites are really nice. Thanks for sharing. hk
Diana Tan(non-registered)
Brilliant photos and you are really talented photographer, Stu.... love them all <3
Richard Simonsen(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful material Stu! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Richard
Teena (Tiedemann) Blyth(non-registered)
Stu, these are amazing!! You have such talent.
Mr National Geographic(non-registered)
Stu! Come work for us! We love your photos!
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